Famous ambassadors

From the start, several celebrities and media personalities have committed themselves with a lot of enthusiasm to TADA.

Martine Tanghe, Bart Schols (news anchors VRT) and Adele Lassouli (news anchor RTL) shared their passion for their job during the class on journalism. Hilde Crevits (Minister of Education in Flanders), Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE Member of European Parliament) and Emir Kir (mayor of Sint-Joost-ten-Node) gave the children a taste of regional, European and local politics. Former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo invited the TADA pupils in 2014 to the ‘Lambermont’ to cheer the Red Devils to a World Cup victory in the game against Russia.

In 2015 Adil El Arbi (director of the movies ‘Image/Black/Patser’ ) participated in the TADA course ‘cinema for kids’. Since then TADA has a well-known Belgian as its first proud ‘TADA Godfather’!

Adil wears his title with pride and aims to get TADA known by many, in order to generate extra support for TADA and enable its further growth. Adil fell in love with TADA after participating as a guest lecturer on Saturday:


 TADA is an amazing project that stimulates the mind and feeds dialogue. TADA has been made possible by the voluntary enthusiasm of many:  People who want to build bridges between different worlds and people with different backgrounds. People who believe it’s important to stimulate the TADA teens, who can use an extra boost.

I already had in mind that I wanted to get involved in an organization that works with youngsters coming from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, and more specifically with kids that come from migrant families and the Muslim community.

TADA definitely is the perfect organization for me. After spending just one Saturday at TADA, I fell in love : I am truly convinced that their positive approach can make a difference. It is great to see how these TADA kids become intrigued and how their eyes start shining when you whisper in their ears ‘yes-you-can’. It is fantastic to witness as well how the adults take pleasure in their teaching. TADA is a mutually enriching eye-opener.

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