Our Golden Circle

TADA is a non-profit organisation that we try to run as a professional organisation, with one main difference: we aim for social gain instead of economic profit.

Why do we exist? 

TADA strives to contribute to a more inclusive society. Our network activates people to take more individual responsibility in order to move in the positive direction towards a more socially cohesive or increasingly integrated society.


How do we do that?

Our team created a code of conduct that embodies our values and culture. You can find more information here. The video below also illustrates well some of our values. Do these values please you?

Don’t hesitate to apply for a job at TADA!



What do we do to contribute to this more inclusive society?

We offer intense, structural coaching to almost 850 socially vulnerable teenagers through our weekend-school-program and our alumni network. This is possible thanks to the involvement of thousands of volunteers and countless companies and other organisations.

On top of that, our hardworking team raises awareness on inclusivity. Via, for example, communicative actions and keynotes or workshops we try to make TADA a “contagious” example, feeding the movement towards an increasingly inclusive society, activating many to act positively themselves.

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