Who is supporting TADA?

An ever growing number of organizations or individuals are supporting TADA, for philanthropic or other reasons, like corporate social responsibility. These partners and donors offer TADA money, time and « in kind » support. Thanks to their continued support the TADA-community can make the difference for an ever-growing number of vulnerable teenagers, this way enforcing their integration within our society.

Strategic Financial Partners & Donors


2012 -2013 : CVC Capital Partners has been TADA’s main corporate partner from the start. This company and mainly the Belgian branch of CVC – with at the lead Geert Duyck - made the launch of TADA possible. AXA BelgiumBain & Company Belgium and Ernst & Young Belgium equally supported TADA from the very beginning. The King Baudouin Foundation offered TADA in 2012 moral support by assigning TADA’s founder an award for being a promising social entrepreneur.

2014-2015 : StibbeAllen & Overy and the foundations of companies like EngieBesix and Bank Degroof Petercam allow TADA to develop itself.

2015-2016: TADA opens a new antenna thanks to the foundation Bernheim, wich became an essential partner. A few anonymous philantrophists,  Janssen PharmaceuticaTotal and the Rotary club from Sint-Genesius-Rode also contribute to TADA’s intense growth.

2016-2017 : Foundations such as Jean-François PeterbroeckPoussière d’Etoiles and Butterfly start endorsing TADA. Meanwhile, TADA gets an increasing number of gifts gathered by organizations that helped TADA by organizing a fundraising event: a marathon, a company party, a golf competition, a gala dinner, you name it. Telenet starts sponsoring TADA.

2017-2018 : The Flemish minister of education, Hilde Crevits (CD&V), grants TADA public support. According to the minister, «TADA deserves a push in the back as this amazing, inspirational network – carried by the private sector – must continue to exist and get all chances to grow ».

2018- 2019: TADA opens a fourth antenna en gets the support of the US Embassy. Other new partners of TADA since 2018-2019 are Spring and Immobel foundations.

2019-2020: TADA opens a fifth bilingual weekend school in Schaerbeek, thanks to different partners and donors. TADA also continues to work to increase its indirect impact with the support of the Flemish Minister of Culture, Youth, Media and Brussels.



You too wish to contribute to TADA financially?

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Time & In Kind Donations

TADA exists thanks to the help of thousands of volunteers.

They teach at TADA or help us minimize overheads costs by offering pro-bono consultancy.

Bain & Company offers TADA for instance strategic support, whereas Allen & Overy takes care of legal advice, free of charge off course.

Diverse organizations support TADA also in kind. The city Council of Sint-Joost-ten-Node and Molenbeek make sure TADA gets free-of-charge access to the public schools for instance, whereas AXA Belgium  offered the TADA-team an office in AXA’s Belgian headquarters.

You too know some organizations or individuals that would love contributing to TADA?

Thank you for spreading the word about us, both online and offline!

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