Past & future

TADA is the Belgian equivalent of the Dutch  ‘IMC Weekendschool’Both organizations are legally and financially independent, but there is cooperation. 

Sofie Foets and Heleen Terwijn met  in the European Parliament in May 2011, when Heleen Terwijn spoke as an expert at the conference  ‘Best Practices in Europe as regards Informal Education for Disadvantaged Youth’. At that time, Sofie Foets was working in the European Parliament as a policy advisor to the Dutch Member of the Parliament Marietje Schaake (D66).

TADA has been in place since school year 2012-2013. First of all, we launched in Sint-Joost-ten-Noode. Meanwhile TADA also exists in Anderlecht (Kuregem) and Molenbeek.


Since October 2018 TADA coaches 845 teenagers and their families. On the one hand 560 TADA-kids (10-14) who join the TADA-activities every single Saturday of the schoolyear. On the other hand 285 TADA alumni or former pupils (14-18) who follow TADA sporadically.

That means TADA has increased more than tenfold in size, in less than five years. Nevertheless, TADA is far from answering the demand/need.         There are plenty of fit candidates for every spot at TADA.

Do you also want TADA to exist and grow? Engage yourself today for TADA or you make your network do likewise. Discover here how you can support TADA financially.

To be able to support between 1000 and 1500 teenagers and their families by 2020 latest, TADA counts on the enthusiastic commitment of countless donors and volunteers. In addition to increasing our impact through growing our own organisation, TADA also hopes to be an inspiring catalyst for similar initiatives that involve society in education.

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