Research & Development

At present TADA follows up on its impact in various ways.

TADA is first and foremost collecting basic data on the TADA target group. A thorough knowledge of this group is a prerequisite to reaching them. This knowledge is also the basis for the development of a policy benefiting attendance and preventing dropout.

TADA also puts a strong effort into practical observations and qualitative research. TADA measures its impact indirectly through the eyes of as many stakeholders as possible (children, alumni, parents, school teachers, guest lecturers, among others). Via feedback surveys and in-depth interviews, research is done on the effects of TADA on intentional and non-intentional beneficiaries.

Finally, TADA is working with a system of KPI‘s and working intensely on quality control and monitoring of the Saturday classes.

A first master thesis has been published in 2015. In 2016 TADA deepened its impact measurement policy in collaboration with Vlerick Business School. More information regarding past or future research to be done, can be requested for: For impact measurement done by ‘IMC Weekenschool’, please contact

Are you interested in innovative education or do you think it is important to improve the way TADA is measuring its impact? Then please support us or contact us to discuss possibilities of cooperation:

Students who would like write their Master thesis on TADA will be invited for an interview where they will be asked to present previously conducted research papers.

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