TADA teens commit themselves voluntarily to following weekend school classes every Saturday for a period of three school years. They do this very enthusiastically, curious to discover society and the professional world ‘of the grown ups’.

TADA-pupils start their 3-year Saturday curriculum at the age of +-10. At the age of  +-13 they have discovered many disciplines, such as medicine, law, robotics, poetry,entrepreneurship.

After these first 3 years, the teens get an entrance ticket to a follow-up trajectory for alumni. Alumni are united in ‘TADA for life’: a network allowing the alumni to get together on a sporadic basis or to give back to TADA


The demand for participation has exceeded the number of available places.

In order to ensure that full advantage is taken of limited places, TADA conducts a survey during its invitation rounds in the schools.

With this, TADA assesses:

  • The children’s desire to participate in TADA
  • The children’s access to other empowering, extracurricular activities (like music lessons)
  • The general, socioeconomic familial background of the children
  • The level of education and employment of the parents or guardians
Teens living in the most challenging circumstances, get the advantage in principle. Of course the parents or the guardians of the children have to agree to participation; TADA places a great emphasis on parental involvement.

During the week, the TADA kids go to traditional schools that are located near the schools where the TADA activities take place.



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