TADA would not exist without its thousands of volunteers participating each school year.

Guest lecturers play a fundamental role at TADA. They are all passionate individuals, devoting some of their free time, one or a few Saturdays per year, to sharing their enthusiasm and their professional experience with the TADA kids. In collaboration with the TADA team, they put their expertise into experiential workshops geared toward children.

TADA also has numerous regular volunteers, assisting on a weekly or monthly basis in several ways.         They provide logistical support or help with homework, translation, etc.

Most of the people who get to know TADA are enthusiastic about the way it works: nine out of ten guest lecturers want to come back after their first experience. They recommend TADA often to friends or colleagues because of the ‘mutually enriching experience’ TADA provides. All of the regular volunteers say they find working with the TADA kids energizing.

For more information, click below and read some testimonials of the TADA volunteers!

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